Elon Musk Adds 25 Billion Dollar In his Networth On Tuesday

After losing some billions last month Elon Musk adds 25 Billion dollars to his net worth on Tuesday, Which made his total fortune worth 174 Billion Dollars.

This is because Tesla is performing well in China, more and more people are showing their interest to buy this car, so as a result tesla’s share price has increased and gained 20% in a day which added another 25 Billion dollars to its founder’s net worth.

According To the Chinese Auto Industry CPCA: Electric Veichel Maker Tesla sold 15,484 vehicles in January 2021 and 18318 in February.

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Tesla stock gained 743% last year, and one the first month of 2021 was so good for Elon musk that he gained the most riches person title within a month by 210 Billion Dollars net worth.

February is also going well for Elon, The first weak price of tesla share in February was 826 Dollars which ended at 675 dollars.

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Elon Musk had become the richest person in the world when his net worth was at a peak of 210 Billion dollars last month, but after he losses 27 Billion Dollars last weak in tech stocks, Jeff Bezos takes his place back with 193 Billion Dollars fortune.

Elon Musk has made a record by adding 25 Billion dollars in his fortune within a day, so what do you think about this do tell us in the comments, and if you liked this post do share this with your friends.

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