Quizizz Raises $12.5 million funding led by Eight Roads Ventures

An Indian Educational tech startup Quizizz Raises $12.5 million in funding in Series A led by Eight Roads Ventures, along with the participation of GSV Ventures, Rocketship VC, and existing investors Nexus Venture Partners and Prime Venture Partners.

What Is Quizizz 

Quizizz is an Indian educational startup founded by Ankit Gupta and Deepak Cheenath in 2015, its a learning platform designed in a way to teach kids their regular education in a fun way. 

Quizizz helps teachers to make learning more fun by creating gamified quizzes. It gives the gamified quizzes presets to the teachers, to create their lessons more interactively, and by the end of the lesson, it can also grade the students, so teachers dont have to grade it by hands.

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Teachers in Quizizz mainly create content for primary school students to help them with mathematical exercises, technical and mental education.

Quizizz has an automatic grading system, which saves the teachers time to grade students manually, so teachers can create more content for the platform, and make it more fun for the students.

Quizizz also has shared a report that “In 2020 students answered more the 13 billion questions on the platform.”

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What Quizizz will do with $12.5 million funding

Quizizz has created more than 30 Million gaming quizzes presets for primary school students, which teachers can easily customize to teach the subjects in a more fun way. 

This startup is only 6 years old and already has 60 Million monthly active users. who are spread out across 100 countries, and according to quizzes, more than 65% of American schools use their service.

Quizizz Co-Founders Ankit Gupta has said that they will use this $12.5 million fresh funds to execrate their internet expansion, and also to grow the size of their team.

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