Snapdragon 888 Lite is Coming, But It May Not Have 5g Support

When it comes to processors snapdragon has a wide range on it, also the biggest company of making semiconductors in the world where a large part of its products is targeted to mobile devices.

Snapdragon has os wide range of processors that it is hard for to anyone to keep track of them, however, they have done a good job by categorizing them so it will be easy for their users to select the processor according to their need.

Snapdragon processors are mainly categorized into 4 series 400, 600, 700, 800, where the 800 series are the most powerful units of snapdragon, and its most powerful unit is snapdragon 888 which comes only in the flagship series.

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According to Roland Quandt: Qualcomm has a lower-end derivate of the Snapdragon 888, He also says the snapdragon 888 lite will have no integrated 5g modem like the SM8350 model no have.

Snapdragon 888 was the first processor launched in the snapdragon 800 series with an integrated 5g modem, also all its older versions have separated 5g modems, so it is surprising that snapdragon launching an 800 series processor without a 5g modem.

According to all the tech experts, snapdragon is doing this to targeting areas where 5g is not yet available, and by doing this the powerful flagship-level processor will become more affordable for many users.

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